Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Visiting Grandpa!

We went down to Dads on Friday to put the blade back on the lawnmower. Jerzie and daddy were there when we got there. Jerzie LOVES to be outside, so we all went outside while Kim and Chris put the blade back on the mower.
I painted this little guy for dad for his birthday a few years ago. He puts him up in the yard every year. Jerzie loves his fishy.

Dad had to try the sharpened blade out to see if it was OK. Can you believe how green his lawn is?

He had a flat tire so he couldn't go too far.

Jerzie loved that she could just run and play around grandpas lawn.

Grandpa was chasing her and telling her he was going to get her.

She is gone!!!

She is trying to learn how to blow bubbles. Daddy bought her spill proof bubbles. Mommy came down when she got out of work.

Since day one Jerzie has love to be scared. If you hide from her she laughs when you jump out at her. She will say do it again. Daddy tells her he is going to drop her and she just grins at him.

He didn't drop her. I thought this picture was so funny. You should hear her giggle when daddy does this to her.

Jerzie took this picture. I sat the camera down for a minute so I could help her and she pressed the right button. Can you see her little finger? Jerzie Shea you are growing up too fast.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back For More!

We spent the day with Dad and Sharon today. They had an appointment with a new doctor today so they asked if I would go with them. The doctor wanted to talk to us about a Stem Cell Transplant. Click the link in the sidebar to learn more about this. It is a pretty interesting and beneficial procedure for cancer patients. We left home at 9:30 AM and got home at 4:30. He also had to have an E.K.G., a chest X-ray and some blood work today, so he was pretty tired by the time we got home.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

He Did It!!

On our way home yesterday we stopped so Dad and Sharon could eat something. He was doing a lot better than he did the first time out. He didn't look as tired. He was even laughing and picking on himself about little things, which is a good thing. He said he was ready to shave his head, so I called my brother when we got home. I asked him if he thought he could do it. He shaves his friends heads in the summer. Of course he said Yes!
This is a picture of dad getting ready for Kim to start.
This is the first swipe with the razor.

He couldn't believe he was doing it. To tell you the truth, I couldn't believe he was doing it. Dads hair always had to be perfect.

It really didn't seem to bother him.

Kim seemed to have a good time. I think in a way it made him feel closer to Dad.

I probably shouldn't have put this picture on, but it made me laugh. He was looking for a hat to wear and he came out of his room with this hat on. There is a family story about an orange hunting hat that I will have to share with you sometime soon.

If Jerzie only knew how bad her grandpa needed that hug and to hear her say "Love You" today. That smile on his face says it all. We all had dinner together before Kim cut Dads hair. I really think he needed all of us today. He had a good day! He even had us laughing so hard that we were crying!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coming Home!

We are going to get Dad today. He had to stay a little longer this time. He had a really hard time this time. They say he has "Chemo Brain" which isn't fun. He gave the nurses a hard time but the nurses told Sharon that it is very normal behavior in cancer patients that are receiving such a high dose of chemo. We hope that he feels more relaxed when we get him home. He has to get a shot today, then he doesn't go back until Friday for blood work. Please keep them in your thoughts!!


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