Thursday, March 27, 2008

Second Round!

We took Dad back to Roswell today. He is having another three day Chemo treatment. He is in pretty good spirits despite going to his barber to have his head shaved on Monday. His hair started falling out and he just decided it would be easier to shave it off. He definitely looks different. Sharon is staying at the same place since it worked out so good for her last time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Inside Of Hope Lodge!

This is the first area you see when you come in. Chris and I loved the wood on the walls in this room.

This is the room that Sharon stayed in. She had three beds, 2 twins and a full. We told her not to bring anyone home with her just because she had the room for them to stay.

This area was across from Sharon's room. Jerzie would have had a good time here.

This is the kitchen area. There are 3 fridges and a freezer for anything you would like to bring with you. There is also a stove so you can cook anything you would like.

There are two of these tables in the room.

This is a living room. The couches are very comfortable!! Chris and I waited for Dad and Sharon in this room the day we were bringing him home.

This is in the same room.

They also have a large dinning room. The pictures came out very dark so we couldn't show them. I believe there are 12 rooms that have beds in them. It is very nice and quiet. Sharon said she would stay there again.

Update on Dad.....
He had blood work on Friday and everything was good. He will have to have blood work three times a week to check his blood count and his platelets. Dad went to Roswell again on Monday and his platelets were low so he had to have a transfusion. He will have to go again on Wednesday. We will keep you updated.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Welcome To Hope Lodge!

Here are some pictures that we took of Hope Lodge. This was Sharon's home away from home for the 6 days that Dad was in the hospital.
This is the front door. It is just huge. We were shocked when we got there to check into the room. Look at the detail of the door handle. Click to enlarge. See if you can find the face.
This is where the stair case is. The windows are so pretty. We tried to figure out how old the house is but we aren't sure.

They added on to the back so they could put an elevator in. The people that work here are great. Sharon felt very comfortable, which is good since she had to stay for so long. She parked her car and didn't drive the whole time she was there. She just used the shuttle that the hospital provided for her. We will be giving you a tour of some of the inside soon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a Week!

Sunset pictures from Monday on the way home.

Dad had to stay in the hospital for an extra day, so it made everything else a little screwy for everyone. He was supposed to get released from the hospital on Sunday. We all went out to see him. Even Jerzie got to see him for a little bit. She wasn't too sure about Grandpa being in the hospital bed with all the stuff attached to him, but it sure put a smile on Dads face. He didn't get out because he couldn't go to the bathroom, so they had to keep him in the hospital an extra day. Chris and I drove out yesterday thinking dad was coming home, but come to find out he had to be released from the hospital for one day and come back to the cancer clinic the next day to get a shot, then he could go home. So instead of driving him home just to bring him back to Buffalo the next day we got the room at Hope Lodge for one more day. Chris and I got him back to the room and settled in before we left to come back home. We drove back to Buffalo today to load up the car and to get dad back home. We finally got him home and settled at 2:00 this afternoon. He is doing pretty well. He is very tired and can't believe how it knocked him on his butt so fast. He will have to go back to Buffalo starting on Friday for blood work. He will have to go for blood work three days a week until they think he is ready to handle another round of chemo. The tumors on his neck aren't visible to us anymore and the tumor in his groin has shrunk some. We will play the next treatment by ear. At least we kind of know what is in store for us next time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Quick Update!

Dad is on the 5th floor.
He does have a pretty good view from up there.

We got dad to Roswell Park at 11:00 AM on Thursday. He was in his room by 12:00, had an iv in by 12:30 and was heading for surgery by 1:15. He had a port put in so they don't have to keep poking him. While he was having his port put in, we took Sharon to Hope Lodge. (check out Hope Lodge by clicking on the link in the sidebar) It is a house through the American Cancer Society where Sharon and Dad can stay for free. She gets a private room. On the floor where she is staying on there are 2 shared bathrooms. Any of us can stay in her room if we have to. We think that the best part is that she can get shuttled back and forth to the hospital at any time of the day for free. Dad didn't have his chemo until 8:00 PM. They like to do it at night so the patient can rest easier. He seems to be doing really good today. He is sick to his stomach a little, but he was before he had chemo. The nurse practitioner came in today and told them that the tumors seem to have shrunk some already.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rough Weeks Ahead!

Picture taken Christmas Day 2007
Dad has been fighting Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma on and off for quite a few years. He has gone through Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy many times. He has been dealing with a tumor in his groin for many months and has gone through 9 treatments of radiation. It shrunk a little but has still been giving him some pain. Now they have found two tumors on his neck, one on each side close to his jugular. The doctors at our cancer center decided they wanted him to go to the cancer center in Buffalo. (about 2 hours from where we live) Many of you may have heard of Roswell Park. The doctors at Roswell Park want him to have an intense 3 day chemo treatment. He is going for the treatment starting on Thursday of this week. The doctor told him that if he didn't think it would help he wouldn't put him through this. I am taking a leave from work so I can be there with him and Sharon. I am going to try to come home at night so I can sleep in my own bed. Chris is trying to get Thursday and Friday off so he can drive me back and forth to Buffalo.


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