Sunday, January 18, 2009

It Wasn't Easy!

This picture is of a figurine I bought for Dad years ago because it reminded me of him.

It wasn't easy, but we made it through the holidays. It seemed weird Christmas day not to go to Dad's. We went at the same time every year, so when the time came it was weird to look at my watch and see that we weren't at Dads. Kim and some of our cousins made sure Dad got a drink of Glögg on Christmas. Dad loved to have a few sips of Glögg on Christmas, so the guys went to the grave site and had a drink or two with him.

New Years dinner was still at our house. It was different not having Dad at the table with his Margarita. Chris and I did a shot for Dad at midnight and sent Kim a text to show him. He sent us one back. Even though we weren't together at midnight we were thinking of the same thing.


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